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It's always our main goal to provide high-quality tech strategy and security in every project we work on. Flexibility and customization is considered, however we always believe the best products require the simplest solutions. You have amazing ideas. Now let's make them happen. (Below is our custom development services listing. For corporate training or educational services, please click the relavant tab)

Web / WeChat MP Development

You want to create a SaaS that revolutionizes your industry? How about a social media platform? An internal-use corporate ERP? Anything is possible with Web Development projects. From static-pages to full-fledged feature rich applications. The online community is now reaching billions of users. And still growing. Are you ready to take this opportunity?

Planning & Prototyping (i.e. The MVP)

Working on a limited budget to make something you can pitch to investors? If you're willing to sacrifice some features to fit your budget, we can help you implement a cost-effective, limited-functionality, reasonably priced software so you can do what you do best: Sell. You're the CEO. It's time you stop wasting money on tech, and get something you can use asap for fundraising.

Cloud Architecture

Forget traditional development. If you want to really cause disruption, create a fleet of powerful, multi-use Micro Services. They are smaller, faster, and much more deadly. Compliment that with a carefully placed network of CDN's and you can create an application ready to scale to 5+ million users, which loads super-fast in Texas, Japan, Germany, and even China.

UX / UI Design

I've seen the same situation hundreds of times. A PhD in Computer Science who can make an unbelievably accurate financial prediction algorithm. One problem. It's ugly. Really ugly. Steve Jobs was on-point about one thing: people want to use beautiful products. Let us package your awesome code into an elegantly-crafted product.

Docker Container Architecture

Embrace the power of Docker--one the most powerful technologies to come out in the past decade. We can help you create an extremely secure Docker System for your application.


You've heard Blockchain mentioned endlessly since 2017's BitCoin explosion. Sure, some of these ideas are just impractical--like putting your dog on blockchain. However, there's also some pretty brilliant implementations of blockchain that go beyond currency. Figure out how blockchain technologies can revolutionize your application.


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